What sets Aurelius market place appart?

Regional selling and trading

Gemüse und Obst online handeln
regioanl vegetables and fruits

The concept of Aurelius-Shop is to provide a platform where anyone can create their own webshop and sell or trade products and services. What sets Aurelius-Shop apart from other platforms is its regional approach. Aurelius-Shop will first launch in Germany and South Africa and allows users to present their offerings in their region.

Central Administration

webshop mit zentraler Verwaltung
centrales management and administration

By centralizing management and administration, creating a general legal framework, and automatically synchronizing data between regions, Aurelius-Shop makes it easy for users to be successful and saves them time and costs. Aurelius-Shop offers user-friendly features, that enable you to create and manage your own shop, as well as a secure and powerful infrastructure that ensures your shop runs smoothly and quickly.

Be flexibel and sucessful

sell or buy mountainbike online
Sell or trade used items

Aurelius-Shop is a platform that enables you to be successful online, regardless of the size of your business or industry. Even as a private individual, it pays off to sell or trade items or services through Aurelius. The regional approach keeps the paths short and the entire trade and exchange is sustainable and environmentally friendly..