What is Aurelius-Shop?

Aurelius Shop Online Marktplatz
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free Internet Marketplace

Shoppen in der Region
regional shopping

Aurelius-Shop is a digital marketplace on the Internet. Unlike the big providers such as Amazon®, eBay®, Lieferando® and others, Aurelius-Shop did not set out to make giant profits, but to offer people the opportunity to trade with the support of the Internet and thus reach many customers. Without paying high commissions to big platforms.
You can imagine it like a virtual shopping street, where everybody can open a store and offer his products and services.

for everyone

freier internet Marktplatz
free internet marketplace – everyone can participate

Everyone can participate and benefit both as a buyer, as well as a seller. You can set up an individual web shop for yourself personally, as well as your company without much effort. Aurelius-Shop provides you with a highly professional and secure environment, so that you can concentrate on the things that bring you joy and bring you further.
Success comes from doing the things you enjoy and are good at.

for everything

Kleidung online kaufenWhat can you buy, sell or trade? In short, everything! Whether you offer technical products, food, clothing, art or services. Everything is possible, as long as it is legal. You can offer whatever you want in your store.  Or contact one of our regional store partners for assistance.
Though the focus is on regional trade, you can offer your products all over the world. Your only require your imagination. In our demo store you will find our self help assistant or contact us assistance.
We are looking for partners who want to support Aurelius-Shop in their region!

safe from all hazards

online sicher einkaufen
Aurelius-Shop – it couldn’t be safer

The operation of a trade portal or web store on the Internet places very high demands on technology. The integrated security platform fights and protects against all hackers and cyber fraud as well as the lagal framework helps to protect from warning letters and lawsuits of outside lawyers and competitors.
Aurelius-Shop offers you professional support in all areas. Of course, fiscal security is also part of the service package.
On regional servers, Aurelius-Shop is able to operate without the Internet!

local trading supported by the web

we have set out to implement a completely new concept of Internet commerce.

the focus is on the local provider.

we offer highly professional webshops for everyone.

let’s move things together!

for our vision

trading and economy
trade and economy – hanseatic city of Hamburg

The middle class is the engine of the economy, in almost every country. Together, we are in a position to create something forward-looking that brings people together and helps them to go about their daily lives. And not only in Germany. Also, or especially difficult times. Relying on current politics is unlikely to lead us to the better future we want for ourselves and our children.


The Internet is global. We cannot and do not want to change that. Nevertheless, we are taking a more regional approach with Aurelius-Shop. In recent years, small and medium-sized businesses have suffered greatly from the ever-increasing influence of the leading Internet portals. Be it retail, gastronomy or even the cab industry. Due to partly absurd commission demands of the web portals, the earnings of medium-sized businesses often collapsed drastically.
On the one hand, we assume that regional trade will regain popularity, aswe have seen in recent months that it is not possible without it. Current developments, such as “profit warnings” from large trading platforms, indicate that a trend reversal may be coming.

And why then a new Internet marketplace?
Aurelius-Shop has set out to collide the best of both worlds. Generally speaking, trading via the Internet has become very popular and the most convenient way for almost everything in life. If trade is conducted exclusively or largely via the web, regional retail will fall by the wayside and the city centers will die out. That can’t be what’s wanted. On the other hand, it is convenient and easy to search for and order things over the net.
Aurelius-Shop will be set up in many locations in the individual regions. As we make progress with time, a portal will exist in many counties, which will also be operated regionally on site. Differentiated by license plates, for example “B.Aurelius-Shop.eu” in Berlin, “F.Aurelius-Shop.eu” in Frankfurt or “HH.Aurelius-Shop.eu” in Hamburg. Or CX.Aurelius-Shop.co.za in Knysna, CAW.Aurelius-Shop.co.za in George or CA.Aurelius-Shop.co.za in Cape Town correspondingly for South Africa. The marketplaces among themselves exchange data with the neighboring systems. So items listed on a system in George also would be visible in Knysna and Mosselbay. An Internet marketplace that is set up as a network of individual locations cannot be shut down across the board. And even if the Internet were to fail for a longer period of time, the individual “islands” would still be in operation.

Every company and every citizen can use the platform and offer or buy things and services. Swapping is also an option. Development of a strong regional trade is a major advance. The marketplace is still interesting for SMEs as it is an affordable and professional alternative to the well-known providers.

You have read this far and are interested in joining?
Then write us an EMail.

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