About Aurelius-Shop

How and why?

In general

Internet tradeing regional and global
Internet trade mostly runs through large stock listed corporations

Trading on the Internet is mostly done through US portals, which usually charge very high commissions of up to 35% of the turnover. We set out to provide a trading portal for small and medium-sized businesses and thus offer a real alternative to the large providers.
The large online marketplaces demand high commissions and rake in gigantic profits. Medium-sized companies often fall by the wayside. The creation of their own webshop quickly costs a six-figure sum, which hardly anyone can afford.

Aurelius-Shop wants to support small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private sellers.

Globally usable, regionally indestructible

Onlinehandel und Shop beim einem Internetausfall?
What happens to the online trade in case of an internet or power outage?

This Aurelius-Shop is running in a data center for technical reasons. That means “Internet gone -> online marketplace gone”. By the way, this is even more true for the big marketplaces like Amazon®, eBay®, Booking.com® and Co.
Future versions of Aurelius Shop System will run as regional “islands” that are self-sufficient and use the Internet supraregionally only to synchronize data with neighboring regions.
If the Internet is available, then everything is as usual. If the Internet fails for any reason, then the marketplace is still available regionally. In this case, the data synchronization with the neighboring regions can be done “manually”, for example with a USB stick. In this case, the online marketplace is then accessed via local meeting points in restaurants, pubs or similar public places until the Internet is available again.
Sounds old-fashioned? It is, but it’s better than no central marketplace at all. And it brings people together.

Amazon®, eBay®, Lieferando® sind geschützte Markenzeichen der jeweiligen Anbieter.